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HostNine top web host was founded in 2006 and has always been focused on providing web hosting at fantastically low prices. HostNine made a name for themselves on the launch of their all-inclusive white label reseller hosting services. HostNine provides an exclusive reseller central platform that allows a reseller to setup web hosting as a reseller on servers throughout the world from a single account.

In 2009, customer 

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 was granted access to a free review account with HostNine that allowed us to test their reseller center. On the front end, HostNine excited us because we were able to setup our test web hosting accounts throughout datacenters all over the United States and even in the UK and other countries. We thought the concept was awesome for SEO to get multiple websites setup on different IP addresses.

The problem for us though was HostNine appeared to lease servers at datacenters that were less than reliable. After a few months, we found our sites to perform very sluggishly, we found the reseller panel to have difficulty in moving our sites elsewhere, and we had an overall bad experience and cancelled our free test account.

Now comes 2010. HostNine realized they had some serious problems and decided to revamp and relaunch their entire service. HostNine has removed access to bad datacenter locations, use only the most reliable datacenters in US, UK, and Asia, relaunched their website with a new template that better showcases what HostNine offers, relaunched all packages, and rebranded themselves as a strong competitor. What a difference a year makes!

Outside of the reseller hosting that HostNine provides, they also offer shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. HostNine also offers a 45-day money back guarantee.

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HostNine Shared Hosting

The shared hosting plans offer quite a bit less space and bandwidth than the competition, but again the allocations are suitable for the average user. Although it does seem that they could provide a bit more for the price, what they charge is definitely acceptable for what they offer, as they provide countless features.

HostNine Reseller Hosting

The reseller plans at HostNine include a unique feature. HostNine allows a customer to choose where they would like a reseller site to be physically hosted. A site may be hosted in one of eight U.S. or three global locations. Therefore, it allows the ability to manage multiple servers from one control panel. This relieves a reseller of the risk that all of their sites will go offline due to one server failure as sites are hosted across multiple servers. This is just one component of Reseller Central, which is HostNine’s proprietary reseller control panel. The reseller plans, like shared, offer slightly less than the competition in terms of disk space and bandwidth.

HostNine Dedicated hosting

HostNine also provides hosting to those in need of dedicated servers. They have three different dedicated plans which are very comparable to those of other hosts, and which offer a good deal of features for the cost. The dedicated plans include WebHost Manager, the industry-standard control application for dedicated hosting administration. The dedicated plans are available with three choices of operating system: CentOS, RedHat, and Windows.

If the reason behind using a reseller or dedicated account is to resell hosting, a nice feature of HostNine is the ability to receive a complete reseller solution. They provide customers with ModernBill billing software, as well as a merchant and domain reseller account. Therefore, an individual is ready to effectively resell hosting without having to acquire the ancillary services elsewhere in order to do so.

HostNine Price Value

HostNine offers extremely competitive web hosting rates for their shared hosting packages. Currently we find the HostNine shared hosting, which offers unlimited everything including unlimited domain hosting, to be priced slightly lower than average. Please see our HostNine Hosting Plans page for specifics on pricing.

HostNine‘s flagship reseller hosting offers 5 levels of service from 50GB space and 500GB bandwidth to unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. HostNine is the first web host we’ve seen that actually offers an unlimited reseller account, and to top it off, you can setup these unlimited cPanel accounts all over the world with their exclusive reseller central panel. This unlimited reseller account option is very costly, however, the value to resell an unlimited amount of hosting to clients would surely pay off in the long run.

HostNine Reliability

Since the relaunch of HostNine in 2010, HostNine has proven themselves to be a much more reliable web hosting service provider. HostNine now uses only the best premium datacenters throughout the world to provide trustworthy, reliable and secure web hosting. HostNine also protects your data with a multiple-SCSI backup cluster system that provides access to full data recovery. Please visit the HostNine website for specifics on the US Network, the Asia Network, and the UK Network that HostNine uses.

HostNine Control Panel

The control panel that HostNine uses is a customized, overhauled, and revamped cPanel control panel.HostNine was able to revamp cPanel to allow reseller customers to setup multiple domains throughout the world through one reseller account. HostNine also has their Reseller Central system that allows their customers to monitor statistics such as bandwidth used, disk space used, and domains hosted.

HostNine Customer Support

HostNine has been improving their customer support, including the agents they use and support options since they first started in 2006. HostNine now offers very good customer support with a lot of options that should suit all of their customers’ needs.

HostNine offers the following customer support options:

  • 24/7 toll-free telephone sales and technical support
  • Live chat
  • Customer support tickets
  • Direct email links to email your support inquiry
  • Company blog with official HostNine announcements
  • Community Forums with limited access to non-customers
  • Knowledgebase

HostNine has also taken a bold step by offering publicly posted statistics about their response times. As of this review, HostNine has taken 4 minutes to answer web hosting questions that were submitted.

What customer hosting reviews would like to see from HostNine is a publicly posted international-use telephone number and a more in-depth knowledgebase to help those that are new to web hosting. We’d also love to see HostNine offer flash video tutorials, especially for their reseller central panels.

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HostNine Shared &Reseller&Dedicated Hosting Review HostNine Shared &Reseller&Dedicated Hosting Review

HostNine is a young, Jupiter, FL web host offering shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting. It was founded in 2006 by individuals with hosting industry experience. The HostNine is valuable to consider personal experience, as presented in this HostNine review.

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