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Start your first website using bluehost top web host in 10 mins. Its never too late to start your first website! Its never too late start your first online business either.

Right now, the are millions of new websites being put online each year. And there are many of them being successful online in very short time. With the advanced in technologies and more users goes online, the Internet scope is growing over-time. More and more people are turning to the Internet! They are now more people buying products online, pays for services, and more people are having their own websites too. This means more people are paying online and buying online. Its a great time to put up your website online!

How to start your first website?All you need is a web hosting company to provides your web hosting services and domain name registration. You will need either a credit card or paypal account to pays for your web hosting bill and domain registration cost. Get the best web host plan at the right price, and we want you to choose bluehost top web hosting for this reasons:

  1. CPanel hosting with unlimited websites hosting.
  2. Simplescripts installer with over 80+ free software for your websites.
  3. Free website builder tool.
  4. Free $75 google adwords credit to advertise your websites.
  5. Free domain name registration.
  6. Anytime money-back guarantee.
  7. Account instant setup & no waiting!

That are the top reasons why we strictly recommend bluehost top web hosting for beginner. They are extremely easy to use, and they are with everything you need at one price of $5.95 per month. They provide you will one free domain name, and you should choose a good domain name for your online business.

After chosen a domain name for your website, you are ready to signup for their web hosting account. Complete the registration process, and your first web hosting account will be automatically setup within minutes of time. Bluehost as one of the top ten web hosts is with instant account setup, no waiting and no wasting of time either. We love this feature!

Right here, you already have your domain name registered and having the web hosting account all together. With the provided bluehost account info, you can now login to your web hosting account and setup website accordingly. Go to and login to your bluehost cpanel, use the provided account details to login. Once you are login to your cpanel, we want you to go to Simple Scripts, this is the installer tool for your website. For starting, we want you to setup your first blog with wordpress. WordPress is world famous cms software and 14% of world 1 million biggest websites are running with wordpress.

From simplescripts, choose wordpress for installation. Select the primary domain name as installation location. Click the install button and the wordpress site will be setup at your domain name. Now, visit your domain name and the wordpress welcome default page will be put online. Access the wp-admin page at and configure your website. Give your site a title and short description. Next we want you to choose a new theme for your wordpress blog, the wordpress twenty ten theme is great for personal blogging, or you can download some great theme from wordpress site and install it at your blog (this is optional step you can do next time).

Next, you can start blogging online & talk about your business or your skill. Put up contact page and let people to reach you, you can use the Easy Contact wordpress plugin to allow people to send email to you. Or you can invite people to comment at your blog directly. Create five or ten blog post, introduce about your online business and online activity. For example if you are providing writing services and write articles for websites, you can describe what topic you are can write at, and the fees for you work and sample of your works too. Or if you are selling you web design services, put your works online and invites new buyer to come to you.

There are many other types of online business that you can start today and here are few sample of it:

  1. Write for money. Including website content, ebook, articles, magazine and many other.
  2. Selling digital products that people can download. This can be anything, can be art work in form of design or stock music or stock photo. Have you seen website selling theme & design? Or website selling software, ebook, and guides. Yes, there are huge variety of this.
  3. Selling information or even membership. Sell your expertise online.
  4. Selling physical products via e-commerce website and ship products via courier system.
  5. Drop shipping services if you don’t want to handle product shipment yourself. Join drop shipment marketplace and sell those products online and the drop shipment company handle the product shipment for you.
  6. Marketing business. In form of services that help business to promote products. You can either market own product of provide services to deep pocket company that looks for online marketing services.
  7. Create websites and sell off. Either domain with websites or not, you can sell your domain name at domain marketing place. Some domain flipping work and add value to the website design and content will boost the site value and easily goes to above thousand of dollars per website.
  8. Provides your own web hosting services. Signup for a reseller web hosting and start offering online web hosting services to your clients. Steady stream of income every month.
  9. Join affiliates program and sell affiliates products. Either its a product or services, business often provides affiliates program for people to promote their products.
  10. Information websites. Including blog and forum and cms website. Your website content and info is the greatest asset. If you are specialized in web marketing or search engines ranking or even make money online. Your websites is the biggest asset and worth large amount of money.

Right here, we have specify the top 10 online business types and many of these are the websites that you can start easily. Some requires skill and some does not, choose the type that type that works for you the best. And choose Bluehost top web hosting to host your websites!

Bluehost is now cheaper, you can use the bluehost coupon discount link and get it at special promo price $3.95/mo!

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Start your first website using bluehost hosting in 10 mins Start your first website using bluehost hosting in 10 mins

Start your first website using bluehost top web host in 10 mins. Its never too late to start your first website! Its never too late start your first online business either.

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