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UltraHosting vps hosting is a safe and reliable accommodation for your websites. The UltraHosting vps hosting has been around for over 25 years and offers a full range of services dedicated hosting VPS / managed hosting and business server placement, all at the lowest price guaranteed! The company regularly surveys the market and competition to ensure that UltraHosting is able to offer its customers the best options, service and price. The main objective is to ensure that the customer’s business obtained using the maximum number of features offered by this web hosting in particular.


Get Priority VPS With UltraHosting

While there exists a set of regular shared-server business class web hosting sites, there are very few who specialize in Virtual Private Servers (VPS). UltraHosting vps hosting is one of those who provides reliable and secure VPS hosting for the lowest price.

UltraHosting has been in the business of virtual hosting since 1983 when it was formed to host dedicated IT servers. As the company evolved, it found that its dedicated hosting service entered very smoothly in the ever-growing world wide web arena.

With a powerful experience advantage, UltraHosting vps hosting offers a unique VPS hosting service with a “No-Nonsense” assurance to all its customers.

VPS Server Host

VPS hosting is for those class of businesses who need more features and privacy than a shared server plan, but are not ready for a full dedicated server price. While VPS accounts do run on a single server, they are completely autonomous each capable of running its own operating system, use dedicated memory, and be independently rebooted. It’s like getting a light version of dedicated server hosting without the full price.

UltraHosting specializes in VPS hosting because they know that many businesses need the benefits of dedicated servers. They offer VPS hosting with Linux OS or Windows OS and guarantee resources for their business customers.

UltraHosting VPS Plans

UltaHosting offers three plans with different levels of service within each.

Linux VPS

The first plan is a Linux-based VPS server starting at $17 per month and going up to $64 per month. With Linux servers you get 1 to 3 IP addresses, 256 MB to 2048 MB of RAM, 5 GB to 40 GB of storage, and 200 GB to 1500 GB of monthly traffic.

With Linux VPS you get a choice of the most popular control panels: cPanel or Plesk. You can host unlimited domains and reboot power. Use the SSL login and use it like a normal dedicated server.

Ultrahosting linux vps plans

Windows VPS

The next level of plans are a Windows-based OS VPS. Pricing options run from $24 to $69. Within the Windows VPS plans you have plenty of options, including 384 MB to 2048 MB of RAM, 5 GB to 40 GB of storage, 200 GB to 1500 GB of monthly traffic, and 1 to 3 private IP addresses.

The Windows VPS plans give you great options for full remote desktop control using Plesk control panel. You can remotely reboot your VPS environment and get daily and weekly backups. Servers use Quad Core Xeon processors.

ultrahosting windows vps plans

Windows XEN

The Windows XEN options run from $29 per month to $69 per month. These plans offer choices of 512 MB to 2048 MB of RAM, 5 GB to 40 GB of storage, 200 GB to 1500 GB of monthly traffic, and 1 to 3 IP addresses.

XEN offers the most flexibility in a virtual platform that allows you get the highest server utilization and best technical performance. You can remotely reboot your VPS environment and have more secure isolation of VP servers. Servers use Quad Core Xeon processors.

ultrahosting windows xen plans

The No-Nonsense Guarantee

UltraHosting wants you to know that they offer the best quality service for the absolute best price. And to prove it they offer a price guarantee. UltraHosting will beat any competitor in North America who offers the same plan by 110%. If you can find a better plan within 30 days of signing up, you’ll get the difference as a refund.

All This and its Green, Too

UltraHosting understands the environmental impact by using such large amounts of energy to keep their servers running smoothly, coolly, and efficiently 24 hours a day. They have partnered with CarbonFund.org to help offset their carbon footprint. Through this partnership they tout a zero impact to the environment.

As a comparison, UltraHosting provides the example that one single server produces the same amount of carbon footprint per year as an average SUV. A large data center can produce up to 500,000 metric tons of CO2 per year. By investing in clean energy like wind and solar, UltraHosting hopes to reduce the amount of fossil fuel generated electricity.

UltraHosting has taken steps to optimize its data center to reduce the total amount of energy consumption as well. They have designed a “convergence of resources” to focus on reducing energy for servers, storage, networking, and infrastructure.

ultrahosting cheapest web host

ultrahosting cheapest web host

Ultra Support

UltraHosting offers plenty of free and upgradeable support for their clients. Regular support includes 24/7 technical help for most issues like troubleshooting, rebooting, and installing software. Clients can buy up on a service plan to get additional help with 3rd party software installations, additional OS configurations and patches, and software component installations, configurations, or patches.

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